Escape from Area 51

I'll admit it - I have Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder (KADD?). I start a project with great enthusiasm and then abandon it (usually temporarily, sometimes permanently) when it ceases to amuse me. I personally know some knitters that work on only one project at a time, and don't start another one until they're finished with it. I admire the concept, but I fully realize that I am completely incapable of project monogamy.

The one nasty side effect of KADD is that I have an alarming number of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in my possession. My place could easily be designated as the new Area 51. I'm particularly bad about not finishing blankets (except baby blankets - they have a deadline) and scarves. If I start a scarf in the winter, I recognize that there's a possibility that it won't be finished in time to wear it NEXT winter. Or sometimes the winter after that.

Therefore it is with great satisfaction that I present a finished scarf. That I started THIS SUMMER.

I have figured out that what separates this scarf from the others currently stashed in the Bag of Shame (where UFOs stay nicely out of sight to keep me from feeling guilty) is the pattern. Entrelac apparently has the ability to keep me interested long enough to actually finish something made with the pattern. Plus it looks cool. Usually it's done with more than one color, but the color variation in the hand-dyed yarn I used draws attention to the basketweave pattern in a nice, subtle way.

For those of you who are interested, the pattern is adapted from the Danica scarf pattern on Knitty.

I'm feeling so proud of myself right now that I might even pull out a UFO and work on it. But knowing me, I'll probably just start something new.

[Listening to: "I Will Follow You into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie]

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