Random Tuesday

This week's series of unrelated tidbits:

  • A factoid from the back of the bottle of Sam Adams Octoberfest: every year they hold a company-wide competition for the best homebrew. The winners get a trip to Germany for Oktoberfest. Talk about a good incentive program.
  • Guess what Alan Mullaly, the new CEO of the Ford Motor Company drives. A Lexus. Apparently hypocrisy is Job One.
  • My parents' dog is adorable
but incredibly neurotic. My parents have a travel bag for her with her food and toys. She's smart enough to realize that when they get the bag out, they're going on a trip. She is also so afraid that they'll leave her behind that she will watch the bag like a hawk to make sure that it doesn't go out the door without her. She hasn't yet figured out that it's possible to leave without both her AND the bag, and a better bet is to watch the humans. But it's interesting to see how much she freaks out about the whole thing.

[Listening to: "Do Ya" by Peaches]

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