Ask Me Later If It Was Worth It

I had my braces adjusted again yesterday. The last wayward tooth is finally bonded (orthodontist speak for putting a bracket on it and hooking it up to the wire). This particular tooth was set back behind its neighbors, so I had to wear a coil spring and power chain (for three months) to make room for it first. And yes, coil springs and power chains are as much fun as they sound.

The upside? Without all of that metal in my mouth, my braces definitely look less conspicuous, and my teeth look more normal than they ever have before.

The downside? The wayward tooth, having happily hung out where it was for the past twenty years, is not taking to being pulled into a new position very well. It hurts. A lot. I've been sucking down ibuprofen since yesterday morning. And I'm channeling my pain-related bitchiness by swearing a lot. I have found that liberal use of the word "fuck" helps deal with the situation. As in, "My fucking tooth hurts so fucking much! I've taken six fucking Advil, and the fucking pain will not fucking go away!"

Okay, so it's not the most ladylike way to behave, but it gets me through the day.

[Listening to: "Downtown" by Peaches]

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