Dispatch From the State Fair

(Alternate Title: Deep-Fried Nausea on a Stick)

For the first time ever, I w
ent to the North Carolina State Fair. The last time I went to the fair was back in Arkansas in 1991. But I scored some free tickets this time, so I decided to check it out.

They had rides,

and sideshows.Sideshows. Where you can have your desire to see oddly-sized animals (midget cows, giant rats) and animals with extra legs/heads, etc. all in one place. Whee!

But let's not forget the reason most people go to the fair: to eat wildly inappropriate food. Which, when you're in the south, usually means deep-fried everything:

Deep-fried candy bars, twinkies, pickles, cheeseburgers, and deep-fried Coca-cola (new for this year).

Gives me indigestion just thinking about it.

[Listening to: "Daylight Robbery" by Imogen Heap]

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