[Note: I originally wrote this post last week, but stupidly pushed the “Save as Draft” button instead of the “Publish” button.]

In celebration of ADHD Awareness Day, I present a selection of bite-sized tidbits for you to enjoy:

  • Stephanie P. has a borderline obsession with a tree frog that hangs out on the windows in the front of the building at work. She talks to it and calls it “Kermit”.
  • I have a borderline obsession with the 2007 Honda CR-V.
  • The combination of Kristen, cryomill tubes, liquid nitrogen, and rat liver is potentially lethal.
  • Look! Knit sushi! And a knit sushi toilet paper cozy?
  • You can get a Battlestar Galactica credit card. Oh, and don't forget to check out the webisodes on SciFi.com while you're waiting for the new season.
  • My next pair of socks will be these. If I can ever get my hands on Lorna's Laces sock yarn, which is hand-dyed and beautiful and really hard to find.

[Listening to: "Sundrenched World" by Joshua Radin]

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