An Orthodontic Catalog

Today I had my fourth adjustment of my braces. The first three were pretty simple - just lig changes. I think my orthodontist was duping me into a false sense of security with easy adjustments, because now the gloves have come off.

My mouth is now a veritable catalog of orthodontic appliances. The full list includes:
  • Metal brackets
  • Ceramic brackets ("social six")
  • Size 16 round NiTi archwires
  • Clear ligs
  • Purple ligs
  • Powerchain between teeth 4 and 6
  • Coil spring between teeth 6 and 8
  • Wire ties to hold the coil spring
All I can say is "ouch", because saying much of anything right now hurts like hell. Pass the Advil.

[Listening to: "Hey Pretty" by Poe]

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