I'm Too Old For That

So I went to the Ben Folds concert in Raleigh last Thursday. One thing that became immediately apparent is that I was too old to be there. Not in the sense of "I can't be out this late on a school night", but because I was surrounded by people who were way younger than me. The vast majority of the audience was composed of geeky high-school and college-age white guys and their girlfriends. It really shouldn't have surprised me.

The youth and general ignorance of the audience became crystal clear when Ben Folds sang the song "Brick". The large number of people shouting "WOOHOO!" during the song made it obvious that these guys had no clue what the song was really about. You don't cheer during a song about how an abortion emotionally destroyed a young couple. Sheesh.

But all in all it was a good concert. I don't really like Ben Fold's music. It's interesting, but not compelling enough for me to buy any of his CDs. However, he puts on a hell of a live show. I particularly enjoyed his cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit", originally by Dr. Dre. Check out the cover for the single:

How's that for not taking yourself too seriously?

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