Olympic Silliness

This is definitely a reason to like the US Ski Team:

Husky Gets ID As Member Of U.S. Ski Team (AP)
SESTRIERE, Italy -- There's one member of the U.S. ski team that will give "paws" to the competition.

He's Chevy, the Siberian husky belonging to Olympic ski team star Daron Rahlves.
Chevy even has his own official Olympic ID with his picture on it. The husky is listed as a member of the ski-team security squad.

Officials of the Torino Organizing Committee said a dog with an official ID card is news to them. But a spokesman for the U.S. Olympic Committee says Chevy is on the roster.

The ID lets the dog behind the scenes at the Winter Olympics.

Knitting Olympics update: So far, I am on track to complete my project. Sorry for the lack of pictures - gotta keep on schedule!

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