The Great Non-Blizzard of '06

The fun part about living in the South is the total chaos that ensues when they predict wintry weather. It's like the end of the world is coming. Hurry up! Rush to the store to get 2 weeks worth of bread and milk, even though the worst-case scenario would leave you homebound for at most 2 days.

They predicted snow and sleet for yesterday. And we got a grand total of 0.00 inches of precipitation. Plus it was almost 50 degrees F that afternoon.

So much for the wintry weather.

P.S. To be fair, wintry weather around here usually means ice, which sticks like glue to the roads and turns them into skating rinks for cars. Plus, it happens so rarely that the government doesn't have enough equipment to clear all of the roads in a timely manner. So it's really a good thing that everyone stays indoors when it gets bad outside.

Knitting Olympics Update: I'm off the pace. It's going to be a race to the finish.

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