When Worlds Collide, Part II

Last time, we visited the corner of mathematics and crochet. Now, we're moving down the block to the intersection of sci-fi and knitting:

Serious fans of "Firefly" will recognize this hat as the one Jayne's mom knitted for him in the episode "The Message". It has to be the front-runner for the dorkiest-looking hat in the universe, but the image of a rugged bully type wearing a geeky hat that his mom made him is highly comical.

Obsessive "Firefly" fans have popped up all over the internet wanting a Jayne hat of their own. Go figure. Most of them say it's because they want to show support for the short-lived show, wanting to wear them to the premiere of "Serenity" last year. Fellow fans will definitely think it's cool. The problem is that anyone who didn't watch the show (which, given the fact that it was canceled, is A LOT of people) will just see you as a giant dork in a stupid hat.

If that thought does not deter you, you too can have a Jayne hat of your own, providing you either knit or know a knitter who accepts bribes/is susceptible to coercion. Best of luck! Be sure to send pictures!

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