Fun With Poisonous Snakes

One of the challenges inherent in living where I do is having to deal with the sometimes alarming array of wildlife around. In addition to about a billion different species of bugs, mosquitos that can drain you of blood in minutes, deer, foxes, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, etc., you also have to deal with the more dangerous animals. Like spiders and snakes of the poisonous variety.

It therefore should not have been a surprise to walk out onto my back porch today and find a copperhead sitting there like it owned the place. I have an unwritten rule that poisonous snakes are not allowed on my porch. Mostly because my dog is not smart enough to tell the difference between animals that won't hurt you and animals that will. She has enough problems with the distinction between things that are edible and things that aren't.

So after a confrontation that involved a broom on my part and broom-attacking on its part, I managed to convince the snake that it would be much happier back in the woods where it belonged. Peace was restored.

In knitting news, I am trying my hand at making an entrelac scarf:

I figured that after the sock fiasco, I should make something that doesn't depend on correct gauge. It looks a bit messy now, but it should look really great once it's blocked. By the way, there's nothing more ridiculous-looking than knitting a wooly scarf during the height of a summer heat wave.

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