The Fun of Getting Laid (Off)

A bunch of my friends got laid off at work on Wednesday. It's really sad, because most of them were my friends, and it seems strange not to have them around.

Being the weirdos that we are, it was decided that the layoff was a perfect opportunity to have a party. The kind of spontaneous party like back in college after finals, when the exam ended at noon and the drinking commenced at 12:30. It was a blast. Beverages were consumed, stories were told (hoo boy!), and someone got a rug burn (although not in the manner he would have liked to get one). Much fun was had by all, and the strangest thing was that the people who were laid off were way happier than the people who weren't. That's probably the way it should be. It's really quiet and really boring at work now. Cemetaries aren't as dead as that place is now.

I'm sure it will all work out great for everybody. Better jobs with higher pay. It's just sad that we all won't be together anymore.

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